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The IWF today reiterated its commitment to implementing a wide array of measures to protect clean athletes and promote clean weightlifting, following the IOC Executive Board’s decision to maintain the sport’s status in the Paris 2024 Olympic Games sports programme.

The IOC Executive Board noted the very strong positive progress that the IWF has made. Particular reference was made to the IWF Sport Programme Commission which implemented the Olympic Qualification System rewarding Member Federations that have a track record of clean weightlifting.

It also noted the very good work of the Independent Clean Sport Commission, the new strict Anti-Doping policies which include the requirement for more extensive athlete whereabouts information, the IWF’s agreement with the International Testing Agency and WADA’s support for the IWF’s recent anti-doping reforms.

IWF President Tamas Ajan said:

“Recent years have seen a very big shift in the way weightlifting views doping, and it is pleasing to see the IOC has recognised that the IWF has become a leading international sports federation when it comes to this important work.”

“What we have created to ensure clean weightlifting goes far beyond a simple list of measures, projects and initiatives. Instead, we have worked to ensure a global culture for weightlifting that is based on self-respect, the respect for fellow competitors and the respect for our sport that can be achieved through clean training and competition. It is a culture that we are committed to maintaining and to developing further.”

“The IWF is grateful to IOC President Thomas Bach, to the Executive Board and to the IOC administration for its continued support. The fight against doping is one that fought in partnership with many allies and the IWF will continue to do everything we can to be a determined and effective partner to the IOC, to WADA and to others.”

The IOC Executive Board will continue to monitor the ongoing implementation of the IWF’s Anti-Doping reforms and will review the analysis of samples from the recently held World Championships and the Anti-Doping programme transition to the ITA at its next meeting at the start of the New Year.