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IWF Development Seminar in Norway

The Norwegian Weightlifting Federation organised a Seminar within the framework of the IWF Development Program.

The seminar went on for two days with both internal and external speakers. A total of 18 representatives spent their Saturday and Sunday with the goal of improving the framework and development of the clubs.

The first day started with introduction from the Educational Consultant Tiril Tøien and NWF President Hilde Næss. The political framework was presented by the President and there were informal discussions around club development. Furthermore, the Educational Consultant presented the organisational work that lies behind club development and demonstrated the electronic registration system used in Norwegian sport.

Day 1 came to an end with a workshop, where representatives contributed. The Educational Committee was represented by Lars Espedal and Eirik Mølmshaug, who introduced a new model for club development.

The Seminar continued on Sunday with an external speaker from the Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports (NIF). Mr. Åsmund Sæbøe gave the representatives an insight into NIF’s activity related to club development.

Mr. Sæbøe created several workshops where representatives from regions and clubs could work in groups to discuss strategies for club development and the practical implications of those strategies.

The Sunday session ended after a workshop called Sports for All, an assessment of current standings on how the NWF can work with inclusion for all.

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