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Coaching and Techincal Officials Seminar in Madrid

A Coaching and Technical Officials Seminar was organized by the Spanish Weightlifting Federation in Madrid, endorsed by IWF.

More than 40 people, coaches, athletes, and judges attended this important event to listen to the presentations of experts in terms of strength, training and anti-doping education.

The Conference began with Dr. Juan José González Badillo’s speech about Control of frequency and effect of training.

The presentation of Mr Tamas Feher – previously head coach for Great Britain, Norway and El Salvador – was based on the physical preparation of a 15-16-year-old athlete and the planning of training in weightlifting.

Afterwards, Lucía Piñeiro introduced the audience to women’s training presenting her paper entitled Performance faculties in elite weightlifters during the menstrual cycle.  Marta Soler, Technical Official of the AEPSAD (Spanish Agency for the Protection of Health in Sport), spoke about Anti-doping education.

Finally, the National Committee of Judges, chaired by José Manuel Fernández Lois, proposed the changes in the regulations from 2017 to 2018.

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