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TALAKHADZE triumphed

Setting seven World Records, TALAKHADZE Lasha (GEO) had a triumphant victory in the men’s superheavyweight, earning the World Champion title for the third time. The Georgian giant warmed up on 207kg in the Snatch then set two World Records at 212 and 217kg. He didn’t lower the bar in the Clean and Jerk either, after a 245kg introduction he lifted 252 and 257kg, both World Records. In the Total, he rewrote the Record three times (462, 469, 474).

„I think I could go a lot higher in the Clean and Jerk. My maximum was 264kg so far, but this time winning was the most important thing. I’ll train even more and deliver the 264kg lift in the near future.” – TALAKHADZE said surrounded by admirers, taking photographs and signing T-shirt.

Well behind, Silver Medallist with 450kg, MINASYAN Gor and Bronze Medallist with 447kg DJANGABAEV Rustam.

The Clean and Jerk order was the same as the Total, while another Georgian, TURMANIDZE Irakli was third behind TALAKHADZE and MINASYAN (203kg) in the Snatch, who didn’t lift in the Clean and Jerk because of an injury.

This was the last event of the 2018 World Championships in Ashgabat. The IWF flag was ceremonially handed over to the representative of Thailand, where the 2019 IWF World Championships will be held.