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KASHIRINA World Champion for the fifth time

In the superheavyweight, Russian KASHIRINA Tatiana won the Snatch with 145kg, the Clean and Jerk (178,182,185) and the Total (323, 327, 330). She did a new World Record with almost every lift, piling up seven altogether. With that said, the 2016 Olympic Champion, Chinese  MENG Suping kept her on the toes all along. She was behind KASHIRINA with only 1kg in the Snatch and 2kg in the Clean and Jerk.

„Everything happened as planned. I didn’t have the World Records on my mind, the only goal was winning the Medals. I respect all my competitors, but I am never afraid or scared to lose to them. Only the results matter.” – said KASHIRINA.

One time MENG also set a World Record, 184kg in the Clean and Jerk but it was immediately taken away by the Russian lifter(185kg).

More athletes competed for the Bronze Medal, but far behind the winning duo. At the end, KIM Kuk Hyang, second at the 2016 Olympic Games claimed the Snatch Bronze with 130kg and Thai CHAIDEE Duangaksorn the Cleand and Jerk (167kg) and the Total (296kg), who was Junior World Champion in 2016.