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Did you check your list? – IWF Anti-Doping Seminar

The second Anti-Doping Education seminar was held on the 5th November 2018 focusing on the most important anti-doping responsibilities of a Weightlifter.


The topic of the lecture was „Checklist for Weightlifters” which included all the obligations of the Athletes related to whereabouts submission and TUE application. Useful information and the iLiftClean E-learning Education platform was introduced to the participants which actually contains these topics plus the Doping Control Process.
All Athletes competing at the Event shall complete the test.


During the week of the World Championships Athletes will have the possibility to complete the iLiftClean Course in the Training Hall and at the IWF Outreach.

Education materials were provided by the Japan Anti-Doping Agency considered as a potential NADO partner due to the Tokyo2020 Olympic Games.