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IWF Education Seminar in Ashgabat

 In the framework of the IWF Education Program, a seminar was held in Ashgabat on 3 November, in conjunction with the World Championships.

Mr. Maged Salama, coaching expert gave a successful lecture on best practices for coaches when determining the timing and yearly planning of training. Participants were extremely active, during and after the lesson questions of athletes and coaches regarding of recovery, nutrition and training intensity were answered.

As a second topic, participants heard a detailed explanation of the whereabouts, its importance, process of submission, whereabouts failures and last but not least what to do in case of technical problems.

Moreover, the new iLiftClean – Anti-Doping Education Course was presented. On this e-learning platform, athletes can watch 3 videos about Whereabouts obligation of the Athlete, Doping Control Process and Rules of Therapeutic Use Exemption. After completing a short test, the ones who successfully solve the quiz, receive an IWF certificate, valid for one year after the day of completion. All athletes participating at the WWC 2018 shall compete the iLiftClean E-Learning Anti-doping Course.

At the end of the seminar, the athletes had the opportunity to do the iLiftClean Course with the help of the IWF staff. Those who missed this possibility, can join the second IWF Education Seminar on 5th November or visit the IWF Anti-Doping Outreach until the end of the World Championships.

Join the IWF at the Outreach where athletes can do their iLiftClean photos with the famous IWF iLiftClean barbell and get IWF gifts.

See you there and don’t forget to LiftCLEAN!

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