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Six Medallists in the men’s 55kg

Today in the men’s 55kg, OM Yun Chol (PRK) added three Gold Medals to his collection after winning the 2013, 2014 and 2015 World Championships (56kg). With a 120kg Snatch, a 162kg Clean and Jerk and a Total of 282kg, he had no opponent in the field and set the first Senior World Record in the Clean and Jerk.

OM had a huge, 34kg advantage over silver medalist CHONTEY Arli (258kg) from Kazakhstan, who managed to lift 120kg in the Snatch, same as OM Yun Chol, but only finished sixth in the Clean and Jerk (138kg).

Despite being only fifth in both the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk, SCARANTINO Mirco (ITA) won the Bronze Medal in Total (252kg).

“Because it was so hard to win this year’s European Championships, I didn’t think I could achieve a medal here in Ashgabat. I am extreamly happy with my result” – SCARANTINO said after the Medal Ceremony.

There are two lifters missing their attempts in the Snatch but winning medals in the Clean and Jerk afterwards. Silver Medallist with 142kg LAI Gia Thanh (VIE) and one kilogram behind him, Thai CHOMCHUEN Teerapat.

Besides a Senior World Records, Youth World Records were also set by Bulgarian RUSEV Angel Hriskov and CHOMCHUEN Teerapat (THA).

The two 17 years old lifters challenged each other during the competition. First, RUSEV set the new Youth World Record in the Snatch to 108kg, then to 135kg in the Clean and Jerk – he almost immediately raised it to 140kg. Also Youth World Record in the Total with 248kg.

CHOMCHUEN took back his World Record in the Clean and Jerk two times, setting a 136kg one and – responding to RUSEV’s 140kg lift – a 141kg Clean and Jerk. RUSEV kept the Snatch and Total Youth World Records.

Six athletes ended up winning medals.