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IWF Committee Meetings in Ashgabat

The IWF Committees had their meetings prior tot he 2018 World Championships in Turkmenistan.

Before the Committees split up to their relevant groups, Berdinyyaz Myatiyev, Weightlifting Federation of Turkmenistan President welcomed the Committee Members in the white marble city of Ashgabat and referred to the World Championships as a great opportunity to demonstrate Turkmen hospitality.


The following topics were raised.

Online Anti-Doping Education Platform – iLiftCLEAN

The newly launched Online Anti-Doping Education Platform, named iLiftCLEAN was introduced to the Committee Members, where Athletes will receive education on Anti-Doping rules regarding the topic of Whereabouts, Doping Control Process and TUE.

After going through the videos, all Athletes have to complete a final test and obtain a final score of at least 80%. The course is available in English, Spanish, Russian and Arabic language. After the passing the test, the Athletes receive a Certificate which will be valid for one year after the day of completion.

All Athletes who participate at the 2018 IWF World Championships shall complete the iLiftCLEAN Education Course before the competition.

Technical Committee

The Technical Committee concentrated on the IWF TCRR modifications to be introduced in two steps,  from 01 November 2018 and 01 January 2019.

Further discussions were made about new Calendar Policy and the Video Replay system.

Medical Committee

The Medical Committee had several topics on its Agenda for their Meeting in Ashgabat, such as: Update on the Transgender guidelines, Medical Trunk, Injury Surveillance. Furthermore ideas of possible research projects, like Bio-electrical Impedance Meter, Nutrition Guide, Use of Video Analysis regarding injury prevention were discussed at the Meeting.

The Meeting had a special guest, Ms. Selbi Muradova Senior Medical Manager of the Organizing Committee for Ashgabat, who gave comprehensive presentation regarding medical information of the World Championships.

Coaching and Research Committee

The Coaching and Research Committee discussed several topics. Starting the meeting with a presentation about a computer software program with a 3D video analysis function as possible application in weightlifting.

The members were informed on how to use Google Classroom where the Coaching Education Manuals will be uploaded. It will be very useful as the CRC is planning to have again a Train the Trainers course in February 2019. A coaching accreditation to gather data on all weightlifting coaches and distribute coaching licenses to them will be introduced. It was discussed that there is a need for an IWF Weightlifting Community where information can be gathered, in a form of an Online Coaching Journal, a free database for sharing of weightlifting articles.

From 2019 the CRC would like to create a platform for the online scientific journal. A proposal was made, that the IWF CRC shall recognize top coaches in Member Federations by producing a point-system that the Member Federations can use to rank their coaches. The coaches would receive an IWF recognition diploma as the Most Successful Coach in their country.

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