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Thailand crowns last Youth Olympic Champion in the Women’s

Last Women’s competition ended in Buenos Aires at the 3rd Edition of the Youth Olympic Games.

The only athlete going above 100kg in the Snatch was KHAMHAENG Supatchanin (THA) reaching 104kg.

Oceania Youth Junior and Senior Champion in 2018 (some of which multiple times) ANDREWS-NAHU Kanah Shenelle (NZL) was following with 95kg. She missed her first Clean and Jerk attempt at 107kg, but came out for a second successful one at 112kg. Her last one at 116kg was also a good lift however she ended 4th with a Total of 211kg.

As 3 athletes ended the Snatch with 92kg, nothing seemed played in advance.

DAVRONOVA Dolera (UZB), Asian Youth Champion and IWF Junior World Champion, NARIN Dilara (TUR), European Youth Champion in the +75kg and GYURJYAN Liana (ARM), European Youth Champion in the 69kg all had their chanced to get a medal.

In the Clean and Jerk, GYURJYAN missed 116kg three times so she couldn’t secure a Total leaving NARIN and DAVRONOVA to compete against each other.

The Turkish lifter came in second with 218kg while the Uzbek ended third with a Total of 217kg.

Silver Medallist at the 2017 Asian Youth Championships, KHAMHAENG came out for her first Clean and Jerk attempt at 125kg and became Youth Olympic Champion in the Women’s +63kg bodyweight category. She was unstoppable until the end and still came out for an impressive lift at 129kg and a third one at 132kg.