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ECHANDIA ZARATE Katherin Oriana gets first YOG Gold

Weightlifting kicked off today with altogether 120 athletes from 63 countries competing at the 3rd edition of the Youth Olympic Games held in Buenos Aires, ARG.

Youth athletes will have the chance to get to know the Olympic values better and dive into the spirit of Olympism.

The Europe Pavilion, venue to host the competitions, saw the victory of 17 years old ECHANDIA ZARATE Katherin Oriana (VEN). Also Gold Medallist at the 2nd South American Youth Games and Pan American Youth Championships, she improved her performance and reached a Total of 167kg.

Silver Medallist NGUYEN Thi Thu Trang (VIE) made it to 147kg while KARASAKAL Nida (TUR) ended third with 138kg.

After this promising start, all three athletes have a promising future ahead.