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The sports equipment of Buenos Aires 2018 will include more than 20,000 items

More than just muscles are necessary to compete in any sport. Other essentials are required for the game to make sense. Can you imagine tennis, beach volleyball, futsal, hockey 5s, rugby sevens, table tennis, beach handball or 3×3 basketball without a ball?
The Sports Equipment sector of the Buenos Aires 2018 Organising Committee is in charge of ensuring the fundamental elements for each competition. They have the responsibility of finding 7,393 balls: 4,980 for tennis, 600 for beach volleyball, 545 for futsal, 300 for hockey 5s, 300 for rugby sevens, 288 for table tennis, 280 for beach handball, and 100 for 3×3 basketball.

Instead of being played with balls, badminton uses goose feathers and many are used each game – so many, that for these Youth Olympic Games they’ll have 10,800 feathers (900 dozen) on hand. But for 6 October they will also need 10 courts, 10 nets and 24 posts. All of this will be in the hands of the Sport Equipment team.
For many of the 32 sports they’ll be providing the essentials. For example, the 8 pairs of goals for beach handball, the 4 sets of boards for hockey 5s, the 10 nets for beach volleyball, 3 hoops for 3×3 basketball, the 24 table tennis tables, 4 sport climbing walls and 15 diving boards.

Athletics is the sport that requires the most items. The list begins with specific objects for each discipline: 24 discuses, 24 hammers, 24 javelins, and 24 shots. And these are in addition to the 250 cones, 190 hurdles, 28 starting blocks, 4 record indicators, 60 chalk blocks, and 16 high jump bars. There will even be a couple remote control carts to transport things…

Gymnastics comes after athletics in terms of equipment needs with its 10 exercise floors (half for artistic gymnastics and half for rhythmic). It also requires 23 trampolines, 3 asymmetrical bars, 3 landing mats, 3 balance beams, 5 vaults and 3 pommel horses.

Different kinds of equipment are used for the combat sports at Buenos Aires 2018. For boxing there will be 80 pairs of boxing gloves, 300 bandage tapes, and 68 helmets. The others also have specific requirements: 50 taekwondo uniforms, 16 karate belts and 60 judogis for judo.

Some sports have even more particular equipment. For sailing, 18 inflatable boats, 14 catamarans for Nacra 15 and 48 windsurfer boards will be needed for the competitions at Buenos Aires 2018. Pentathlon has 28 laser pistols (model PP500), while archery will use 1,000 targets.

Weightlifting has 1,200 plates, which are provided by Eleiko.

All of these things must be present for the Games to kick off this weekend!


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