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Asia dominates in Biala Podlaska

USA and Japan shared the gold medals in the women’s 69kg, with the former taking two thanks to BREMNER Aria (204kg). Japanese ISHII Miku, winner in snatch, had to settle for the runner-up place with her 203kg overall. Two bronzes went to Canada, while HERTLOVA from CZE also pinched one silver medal in snatch.

85kg, men – Korean YEOM Dahoon and Canadian BELLEMARRE Alex had their own special duel for the top positions, however, the big rivalry that drove the audience into excitement was running for the third positions and down. Ultimately, the Canadian surprised by failing in all his clean and jerk attempts and having to cede two gold medals to YEOM Dahoon, Korea.

Women’s 75kg – With JAEGGI Nora, Switzerland clinched a medal in snatch and another one in total in a very close competition. University World Champion in this category is CHEN En-Tzu from TPE and the silvers were won by FEYOVA Karin, SVK.

Men’s 94kg – CHEN Po-Jen from Chinese Taipei stood out from the field and fought his lonely game with the barbell after all the other medals had found their winners. In clean and jerk he first frightened by missing the opening 185kg, while BOONLANG Weeraphat, THA challenged him with 186kg, a weight he finally could not even clean. Already the triple winner, CHEN lifted 191kg for an overwhelming win in total as well.