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Pan-American Weightlifting Federation EB meeting

Pan-American Weightlifting Federation held it’s annual Executive Board meeting in conjunction with the 2018 Pan-American Junior Championships, where William Pena, Columbia Weightlifting Federation President welcomed the EB members.

The Pan-American Junior Championships started on Friday in Manizales, Columbia, with the participation of 97 athletes from 15 countries (45 women and 52 men).


The competition started with the application of the IWF National Competition Management System (NCMS).

William Penna, CWF President, Attila Adamfi, IWF Director General, William Ozuna, PAWF President, José Octavio Cardona León, Mayor of Menizales

The Columbian Weightlifting Federation is the powerhouse of weightlifting at the Pan-American Continent, and an active Member Federation of IWF. This is the second major competition in Columbia this year, after the Pan-American Youth Championships, YOG qualification event in Palmira.

José Octavio Cardona León, Mayor of Menizales endorses Attila Adamfi, IWF Director General on the Opening Ceremony of the Pan-Am Junior Championships

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