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“Olímpicos” – The YOG Buenos Aires Victory Theme Song

“Olympicos”, composed by the renowned Argentine Musician, Leo Sujatovich, will be played at the podiums as the Victory Ceremony theme song at the Youth Olympic Games Buenos Aires 2018.

It meant to provoke emotions through energy, force and joy and set the mood for unforgettable moments in the lives of the young athletes.

The song will be played at the ceremonies for all 241 medal events during the 12 days of competition.

Listen to the song at the #buenosaires2018 Instagram page!

“I’m passionate about making music for specific situations. As a starting point, I watched footage of past ceremonies. The award ceremony is a time of pure emotion, coming after the adrenaline of the game. The athletes cry… that represents a strong stimulus and it helps in the creation of the music,” Sujatovich told

Buenos Aires 2018 granted him the challenge of composing the music that the medallists and fans will remember forever: “I consider myself lucky because it’s one more way to perpetuate what I write. I need to think about who my work is for. And I have to believe in what I want to transmit.”

Alongside Leo on keyboards and guitar, the song features Nicolás Enrich on bandoneon, Jonathan Bisulca on trumpet, Juan Canosa on tenor and bass trombone, Fernando Chiappero on French horn, Guillermo Rubino and Natalia Cabello on violins, and Paula Pomeraniec on cello.

“The bandoneon gives it a local feel. A trademark of Buenos Aires. The rest of the instrumentation provokes emotion through energy, force and joy. Those guys are giving everything they have to accomplish something great for their country,” explained Sujatovich regarding Olímpicos, a song that will move everyone in October.

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