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Undefeatable Korean success in the W+90kg

The last competition for Women here in Tashkent was the Women’s +90kg bodyweight was dominated without any potential opponent by LEE Seon Mi (KOR) 2018 Asian Junior Champion.

After three good lifts in the Snatch – where she got a 7kg advantage – she came out for three good lifts in the Clean and Jerk and lifted once again 10kg more than the Silver Medallist.

With her Total of 274kg, she was the absolute winner showing impressive technique and strength.

AYOVI CABEZAS Lisseth Betzaida (ECU), Bronze Medallist at the 2017 IWF Junior World Champion and 6th at the World Championships also came out for three good lifts in the Snatch. She finished second followed by BENITEZ RIVERA Ashamarie (USA) – third place with 104kg.

After a 4th place in the Snatch, AMOE-TARRANT Charisma Precious (NRU) came up second in the Clean and Jerk with 142kg. Her Total of 245kg was just 1kg higher than the one of BENITEZ RIVERA allowing her to take third place.

Third place in the Clean and Jerk AYOVI CABEZAS with two good lifts got the Silver in the Total with 256kg.

This concludes the Women’s competition at the 2018 IWF Junior World Championships, Tashkent, UZB.