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Successful Anti-Doping Seminar and Education Booth in Tashkent

The IWF held its third Education Seminar in Tashkent, Uzbekistan in conjunction with the Junior World Championships.

The lecturer, Dr Lilla Sagi, IWF Junior Legal Counsel presented the 8 rules to prevent doping in weightlifting. At this second Anti-Doping Seminar 30 people from several countries (athletes, coaches, team leaders) attended. As previously, the seminar was built up to gain knowledge in a funny, playful an interactive way.

Participants could answer to questions and at the end all were awarded with gifts.

Until the end of the Championship a Booth was set up in the competition venue where everybody could try weightlifting, ask questions related to anti-doping and fill out a quiz within the framework of the #iliftclean campaign.

For the presentation materials IWF wishes to thank JADA and ASADA for their collaboration.