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CHKHEIDZE made it Gold

Georgian CHKHEIDZE Irakli was the only one ending the Snatch with three good lifts, the third one being 171kg. With that last one, he took the leading position, with a 4kg advantage over DJURAEV Akbar (UZB) 2018 Asian Junior Champion.

DJURAEV had only one good lift at 167kg before giving 172kg a try. He missed twice on the weight, but still ended second.

Bronze Medallist at the 2018 Asian Junior Championship AZIZI Amir (IRI) finished third with 162kg.

In the Clean and Jerk, after the first set of lifts, coaches kept raising the bar. That tactical fight resulted in a couple of missed attempts for some.

CHKHEIDZE, once again, had three good lifts and finished the competition with an impressive 211kg Clean and Jerk. With his Total of 382kg, he defeated DJURAEV lifting 13kg less.

He won three Silver Medals following a successful 202kg Clean and Jerk and ending with a Total of 369kg.

ABDELAZIZ Mohamed Abdelrahman Mohamed (EGY), has registered a Total of 360kg for his first IWF event. Followinf a 4th place in the Snatch with 160kg, He made it to 200kg in the Clean and Jerk. He won the Bronze Medal in the Total with 360kg.