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Qatari ELBAKH proved to be the best

On Day 6 at the 2018 IWF Junior World Championships, the platform gave place to a two-man trial between ELBAKH Fares Ibrahim E. H. (QAT) 2017 Junior World Champion and RIVAS MOSQUERA Jhonatan (COL), who finished 5th at the same competition. Both athletes moved up a bodyweight category from 85kg to 94kg.

During the Snatch, both of them came out at the same starting weight of 163kg. And right after that, the tactical fight with raising weights began. ELBAKH’s next attempt was 167kg which RIVAS answered with 168kg. At last, the Columbian came out as the winner with 171kg, while ELBAKH stayed behind with 170kg.

BABAKYAN Samvel, 4th at the 2015 European Youth Championships in the Men’s 77kg bodyweight category won the Bronze in the Snatch lifting 160kg.

In the Clean and Jerk, he only managed to reach 201kg, resulting in a Bronze Medal in the Total with 361kg.

The Clean and Jerk didn’t much hope to ELBAKH’s rivals. RIVAS made 203kg while ELBAKH’s starting weight was 205kg. He raised the bar to 215kg and made it a good lift.

ELBAKH won with a Total of 385kg, eleven kilograms more than RIVAS.

MOTAMEDI SEDEH Rasoul (IRI) being only the 9th in the Snatch, ended up third in Clean and Jerk with his 202kg lift, taking the 4th place in the Total.