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DAJOMES became three times Junior World Champion

DAJOMES BARRERA Neisi Patricia (ECU), highly experienced lifter for her fairly young age (20-year-old) excelled once again.

Silver Medallist 2017 IWF World Championships, she became Junior World Champion for the third time in a row.

Only DAJOMES lifted over 100kg in the Snatch and with 105kg she got her first Gold here in Tashkent.

ALWINE Meredith Leigh (USA), despite having three good lifts, was left 6kg behind at 99kg, while the 2018 Asian Junior Champion, 16 years old JABBOROVA Tursuno (UZB) lifted 96kg.

ALWINE only had one good lift in the Clean and Jerk at 121kg. That was still enough for the second place and she won the Silver Medal with a Total of 220kg. She was 7th on the occasion of the 2017 World Championships and competed in a lower bodyweight category.

The other 16 years old in the bodyweight category, NARIN Dilara, who was 5th at the Junior European Championship won the Bronze Medal with 118kg, ranking 4th in the Total.

JABBOROVA stood on the third podium, with a 116kg Clean and Jerk, 212kg Total.

DAJOMES secured the Gold Medal with her first lift at 128kg then went up to 134 and 140kg. With 6 perfect attempts and a Total of 255kg, she achieved her best-registered result so far, defeating ALWINE by 35kg.