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Tailored Anti-Doping Education for the Junior athletes in Tashkent

During the 2018 IWF Junior World Championship, the IWF held an Anti-Doping Seminar in Uzbekistan, Tashkent.

The lecturers, IWF Legal Counsel Dr Eva Nyirfa and IWF Junior Legal Counsel Dr Lilla Sagi provided useful and simple information to the athletes regarding the rules and regulations in place to provide an even playing field for all.

The presentation was interactive enabling the participants to ask all questions of interest related to the topics discussed. To capture the attention of the Junior athletes in a more efficient way, the Seminar was tailored to acquire knowledge in a fun and playful way. A possibility was given to athletes to share their personal experiences regarding ADAMS as well.

The Education Seminar was built around 8 key rules aiming to keep athletes clean:

Doping is cheating!
Competing under the rules of Fair Play! with respect for the opponents, fellow players, referees and fans shall prevail.

Get Informed!
Check the new IWF Anti-Doping Policy, effective as of 15 April 2018 in line with the WADA Code. Request additional information regarding the topics of concern.

Check the Prohibited List!
WADA’s Prohibited List is updated annually and contains all prohibited substances and methods.

Focus on good nutrition and be careful with supplements!
A balanced and healthy nutrition shall be in the center of focus as athletes’ are responsible for everything entering their body. Handle supplements with care and avoid them if not sure of the ingredients.

Don’t risk your career!
Repercussions of doping on the athletes’ career can de disastrous for one’s future. Measure the consequences and impact it could cause.

Anabolic steroids are harmful!
Besides being a prohibited substance, steroids have unalterable effects on the athletes’ body.

Submit Your Whereabouts!
If you don’t do so, you are not eligible to compete. Make sure to submit your Whereabouts according to the rules.

Therapeutic Use Exemption
In some cases, an athlete can apply for Therapeutic Use Exemption. Check the relevant documentation.

The IWF and WADA legacy program launched in 2011 continues in Tashkent. An Outreach Booth is built up in the competition venue at the 2018 IWF Junior World Championships.

Athletes can come and join, test their knowledge and show their dedication to the#iliftclean campaign.

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