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Same medal podium for the Snatch, Clean and Jerk and Total in the Women’s 53kg

Three athletes took the lead in the Snatch. The Thai KHAMBAO Surodchana, DELACRUZ Jourdan Elizabeth (USA) and SINISTERRA TORRES Yenny (COL). With three good lifts, KHAMBAO secured first place.

The three of them lifted above 80kg and there was a 12kg gap between the 3rd place SINISTERRA TORRES an 4th place BECERRA ROMERO Jenifer Samanta (ECU).

The advantage was quite difficult to challenge in the Clean and Jerk and even more so because of their higher starting weights.

All three came out after all athletes took their lifts in the Women’s 53kg bodyweight category.

SINISTERRA TORRES came out first with a 98kg lift being a good one. DELACRUZ Jourdan Elizabeth (USA) came right after her with a missed attempt at 103kg that she managed to control at her second attempt. DELACRUZ ended the Clean and Jerk with 107kg. Both lifters wanted that Silver Medal in the Total resulting in a tense battle.

For her last attempt, SINISTERRA TORRES Yenny (COL) took 108kg but missed to stand up with the weight. That missed attempt resulted in a third place for her while the Silver Medal was awarded to DELACRUZ Jourdan Elizabeth (USA) for her Total of 193kg.

To secure her leading place, KHAMBAO Surodchana (THA) came out at 108kg and was unstoppable until the end. There was no need for her to lift any more to win the competition, but she still wanted to have the Clean and Jerk Gold. Lifting 110kg, she won it all and even took her third lift at 112kg – her only missed attempt.

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