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Education Seminar focused on the Tokyo 2020 Qualification System

The IWF held an Education Seminar in Tashkent, UZB prior to the 2018 IWF Junior World Championships to kick off tomorrow.

Approximately 50 coach and official attended the Seminar. A second one will be held for the athletes focused on Anti-Doping on 8 and 11 July here in Tashkent.

Aveenash Pandoo, Member of the Coaching and Research Committee, talked about sport psychology and how to motivate athletes to perform well under pressure.

Kyle Pierce, also a Member of the Coaching and Research Committee, held an informative lecture on nutrition, balanced diet, and body regeneration.

The third, explanatory presentation about the new qualification system, which the Congress approved earlier today, was delivered by Attila Adamfi, IWF Director General.

The main principles of the individual qualification system are:

  • Protection of Clean Athlete
  • Expansion of IWF calendars of Events
  • Sustainable Games-Time Delivery Model

It is important to underline that all athletes competing in all new bodyweight categories, which were also approved by the Congress today, will have equal possibilities to qualify.