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IWF Executive Board Meeting in Tashkent

The IWF Executive Board has concluded its two days of meetings in Tashkent. Following publication of the new set of bodyweight categories, anti-doping and competition development were among the key subjects of discussion.

A report was made to the Executive Board, outlining the complete implementation of the Independent Clean Sport Commission’s recommendations and a report by the Independent Monitoring Group confirmed the progress made by suspended IWF Member Federations (MFs). A further report described the ongoing work of the Anti-Doping Commission.

On the recommendation of the Sport Programme Commission, the EB agreed to the development of an athlete centred, sport focused IWF Strategic Plan and on the applied methodology to establish the World and Olympic standards according to the new bodyweight categories.

New hosts were agreed for future events, notably the 2020 IWF Youth World Championships which will be held in Lima, PER and the 2020 IWF Junior World Championships which will be held in Cairo, EGY. A change of location was also agreed for the 2019 IWF Youth World Championships, which will now be held in Las Vegas, USA instead of Anaheim. The EB expressed its gratitude to MFs for supporting these candidatures, all of which promise to deliver competitions of the highest quality.

The EB also expressed its satisfaction at preparations for the forthcoming Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games.

The official announcement was made about ZKC being the official sport equipment supplier for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

The Executive Board approved the 2017 Financial Report and received information on the solid financial background of the federation with secured reserves.

The EB also considered reports on development and education, on communications and marketing, and on women’s weightlifting.