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Oceania Education Seminars

The OWF held three Education Seminars in conjunction with the Oceania Championships. The Seminars were supported by the IWF through the Continental Support.

The Anti-Doping Seminar was lectured by Patrick Schamasch, IWF Anti-Doping Commission Chairman. The aim was to raise awareness among youth athletes, coaches and doctors on the dangers and consequences of doping and provide useful information for all athletes in the field of key anti-doping topics.

Mr. Schamasch also highlighted the importance of fair play and the prevention of doping in the sport weightlifting.

Representatives from 10 countries took part in the Women Development Seminar, specially tailored for Women. The lecture was held by Lilly Coffa and Dika Toua (PNG), first female Olympian also participated.

The third lecture was held by Attila Adamfi, IWF Director General about the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Qualification System. At the presentation the attendees were very proactive, many technical question implementation details were clarified.

The Oceania Countries assured the IWF of their full support regarding the new Qualification System.

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