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IWF Committee meetings in Tashkent

Joint Committee Meeting

During the Joint Meeting, all IWF Committees received general information about the New IWF and Tokyo 2020 Bodyweight Categories prepared by the Bodyweight Category Working Group, as well as the methodology behind the establishment of the New World Records.


Technical Committee

The meeting was held under the leadership of Nicu Vlad, TC Chairman.

The Technical Committee agreed to review the IWF ITO Appointment Guideline and to submit the modification proposal by 1 September to fulfill the demand of the ITOs and stimulate the activities of the Technical Committee.  The Committee also agreed to submit the idea to update the Technical Officials’ Guidebook which was produced several years ago to be in line with the current IWF TCRR.

A series of updated IWF Technical Committee PowerPoints were introduced for further clarification of the IWF TCRR.  Those PowerPoints are downloadable from the IWF Website.

The Technical Committee agreed to prepare a detailed draft of the relevant rules for its Video Playback Technology, which are planned to be finalized at the next meeting in Ashgabat, to be implemented at the 2019 Youth World Championships.  The committee also agreed about the positions of the cameras in Ashgabat: 3 in front, with 2 of those in a diagonal position, and 1 at the back, located on the same level as the platform. Additional cameras might be added in the future.

The IWF TCRR was reviewed and some modification proposals were agreed to be recommended to the IWF Executive Board.  One of the ideas was a future implementation of an innovative use of the Public Scoreboard which can also be used for Sports Presentation and improvement of the TV Graphics.

Medical Committee

The Agenda covered several topics, which will be key challenges for the IWF in the upcoming months.

The Medical Committee discussed health effects on athletes of the bodyweight category changes. The Committee highlighted the risks for the athletes gaining or losing weight to comply with the new categories.

The new bodyweight categories were welcomed by the Members. The proposal prepared by the IWF Bodyweight Categories Working Group was based on scientific evidence also assisted by two Members of the Medical Committee, Mr. Mike Irani, and Mr. Mark Lavallee.

Mr. Irani emphasized the importance of the Transgender Policy of the International Olympic Committee. The main goal of the IWFs’ Medical Committee is to focus on weightlifting specific aspects, creating the IWFs’ own Transgender Policy.

The Committee also discussed the system of Electronic Medical Records which will be used to manage health data including the injury reports of the athletes. The establishment of electronic injury reports shall be introduced in order to assure a proper and professional medical treatment for athletes on competition sites in compliance with the new general data protection rules.


Coaching and Research Committee

The Chairman, Mr. Mahmoud Mahgoub and the members discussed the new bodyweight categories which have been presented during the Joint Meeting. Furthermore, the new qualification system for Tokyo 2020 was reviewed.

As a second big topic, the IWF Coaching Courses were examined. Level 1 (Club coach) and Level 2 (National coach) manuals were updated. The answers and results of a previously sent coaching questionnaire to the MFs were discussed. IWF will continue its Coaching Education program.