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Morghan King and Oscar Figueroa are the Athlete Role Models for the 2018 YOG

The International Olympic Committee, along with the International Weightlifting Federation, appointed Morghan KING (USA) and Oscar Albeiro FIGUEROA MOSQUERA (COL) as Athlete Role Models at the 2018 Youth Olympic Games Buenos Aires, ARG.

In creating the Youth Olympic Games, the IOC has developed a mission of building an event that educates, engages and empowers aspiring young people around the world to play a positive and active role in their communities.

The IWF is delighted that these two exceptional athletes will be joining the Olympic Family in Buenos Aires for the fifth edition of the Youth Olympic Games and contribute to the Learn & Share activities put in place by the IOC and the Buenos Aires Youth Olympic Games Organising Committee.

As Role Models, both will serve as an example for the young Olympians who will be competing. The support they will be able to provide during the Youth Olympic Games will focus on knowledge through educational activities and workshops.

Morghan KING (USA)

An Olympian herself, King understands the difficulty and dedication required to make an Olympic Team and then perform on the world stage. At the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, King set an American Record in the 48kg weight category with an 83kg snatch.

“I am so honored to be an Athlete Role Model at the Youth Olympic Games,” King told USA Weightlifting. “As a kid, the Olympic Games were always such a magical, inspiring event.”

“I look forward to speaking with the kids of what it means to continue to work hard they can achieve anything they put their minds to,” she said.

“The lessons that we learn through sport helps us grow and become a positive influence in our community. I hope that I can become a great ambassador for sport and inspire these youths to continue to pursue their dreams,” King said. “The road to the Olympics is never an easy path but we are here to support and encourage each other no matter what age you are, that’s what being a part of the Olympic community is all about.”

“To compete at the Youth Olympic Games is an incredible achievement and I’m excited to celebrate the top young athletes across the globe,” King said.

“I cannot wait to see what the future generation is going to bring to this world,” King said.


Oscar Figueroa started weightlifting when he was 10 years old, and became a much respected and successful athlete in his country. He is the only male Olympic champion in weightlifting in Columbia.

He competed at four Olympic Games and won a Silver Medal in London 2012 in the 62 kg bodyweight category and a Gold Medal at the Rio 2016 Olympics.

When asked about being an ARM in Buenos Aires, Oscar Figueroa said: “Being the ARM for the next generation is in all respects a great satisfaction for me. Knowing that you’re not only making history in your own sport, but inspiring others to make their dreams come true, build a brighter future for sports and for themselves is a great satisfaction.”

“The possibility to show the way and inspire others proves to me that my path has been right, and it was worth the hard effort to be the best every day.”

As an advice, Oscar Figueroa added the following:”Discipline, persistence and hard work will always lead to success, it doesn’t matter how far are you in your progress, the most important thing is determination.”

“Get up every day determined to finish your training and studies, no matter how tired you are, and you will take pleasure in it.”