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Buenos Aires 2018 YOG mascot has been launched!

#PandiThe official mascot for the 2018 Youth Olympic Games has been revealed by the Organising Committee today. Named #Pandi, inspired by the jaguar, the country’s most emblematic wild animal found in Northern Argentina.

The mascot aims to inspire youth to embrace sport as a tool to make the world a better place, while also raising awareness about the species risk of extinction.

The hashtag in his name meant to demonstrate the strong online presence.

In the animation revealed, we can see the young jaguar making his way through the city, finally reaching the iconic Obelisc, the location of the Opening Ceremony.


Throughout his journey, #Pandi doesn’t give up when faced with challenges as it tries to reach
the ribbons with colors that symbolize Buenos Aires 2018.

With perseverance and the festive spirit it reveals upon reaching its goal, #Pandi symbolizes the
desire for Buenos Aires 2018, the first edition of an Olympic celebration with strict gender equality, to
serve as an important source of inspiration to build a better world through sport.

“Like the young athletes that give their best to qualify for the Games, the Buenos Aires 2018 mascot
overcomes all types of adversity to reach its goals”, said the president of the Buenos Aires 2018
Organising Committee, Gerardo Werthein.

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