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How to Watch the 2018 USA Weightlifting National Championships

This year’s USA National Championships are taking place in Overland Park, Kansas and will begin on May 24th and run through May 27th.


Fortunately for weightlifting fans, there will be two live streams running for the full competition days for the red and blue platforms.

For those interested in watching the competition live, click on the links below.

Red Platform

Blue Platform

This year’s final date to qualify was in late April, and in lead, to this cutoff, there had been a slight shift in qualifying totals. Many of the women’s weight classes have been increased to make it slightly tougher to qualify and to improve the level of competition.

Outside of the upcoming National Championships, USA Weightlifting’s senior team just competed and had a successful trip down in Santa Domingo, the Dominican Republic at the 2018 Senior Pan American Weightlifting Championships.

The women’s team obtained 11 medals (2 gold, 6 silver, and 3 bronze) and the men’s team walked away with 9 (3 gold, 6 silver). Overall in points, the women’s team came in first and the men’s team came in sixth.