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Argentinean Weightlifting Federation Seminars

The Argentinean Weightlifting Federation has organized two educational seminars, of which the first one was a Technical Official seminar and the other one was about Anti-Doping.

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On the Technical seminar, 30 new candidates participated to become national and category 2 international technical officials. This course was especially targeted for candidates under 35 years of age with a clear intention to comply with the norms for the 2018 Youth Olympic Games.

The Federation invited Ms Jessica Castillo Vazquez (PER) and Cristian Harthey Silva (CHI) category 1 International Technical Officials as lecturers. The presenters did a great job explaining the technical rules and told their personal experiences at the several big competitions they participated. The course finished with a practical exam at the Argentine National Tournament where the new technical officials had active roles.


The Anti-Doping seminar was presented by Mr Marcelo Munoz (CHI). The audience was huge as all coaches and athletes who participated in the tournament must have attended, just like the TO candidates. His lecture was very interactive, he answered a lot of questions raised by the attendees.

The President of the Argentinean Weightlifting Federation, Mr Gustavo Malgor thanked IWF for the support of these so important seminars for the weightlifting sport.

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