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XXI Commonwealth Games began; here’s how to watch online!

After a colourful Opening Ceremony, Prince Charles declared the XXI Commonwealth Games open. The competition takes place at the Gold Coast, Australia, between 4-15 April.

The ceremony was almost washed away by heavy rain, but the mood has been lifted once David Katoatau – famous for his victory dances – carried the Kiribati flag without a shirt, following the Pacific traditions of celebrating.

71 nations will be participating with over 6,600 athletes,  competing for 275 gold medals in 19 sports, over 11 days.

There are various ways to watch the Games live. The Australian Seven network broadcasts exclusively on its three channels on TV. Alternatively, you can download their mobile phone app or visit the website version.

Watch Live

Weightlifting has commenced on Day 1: you may follow the results here