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IWF confirmed WADA Code compliant

The International Weightlifting Federation – as one of the first IFs – has been confirmed WADA compliant as it continues to ensure it operates under the highest anti-doping standards.

WADA announced the IWF’s compliance following the review of the IWF’s Corrective Action Report (CAR) which found that the IWF had properly completed all necessary requests through improvements.

Speaking following the announcement, IWF President Tamas Ajan said:

“We are very pleased that WADA has recognised the work the IWF has done in ensuring our anti-doping policies and practises are compliant with global best-practice. The IWF is completely committed to protecting clean athletes and will continue to implement robust anti-doping measures at both international and Member Federation level, to address the incidence of doping in the sport. The IWF highly values our partnerships with WADA and with National Anti-Doping Organisations across the world. And we are honoured that a representative of our federation was speaking on this issue of Code Compliance at the WADA Symposium in Lausanne.”

Dr Eva Nyirfa, legal counsel to the IWF, participated in panel discussion entitled Code Compliance Monitoring – the ADOs’ Perspective at the WADA Symposium, on 21 March. WADA Code Compliance is an ongoing process by which all Anti-Doping Organisations must demonstrate the validity of their work to WADA. As standards are updated, continued compliance must be shown. For example, on November 2017, WADA adopted amendments to the 2015 WADA Code related to compliance, notably introducing a new International Standard for Code Compliance by Signatories (ISCCS) which takes effect on 1 April 2018 .

President Ajan added:

“The IWF continues to enjoy a good working relationship with WADA and is grateful for the support WADA has provided. We will continue to work closely with WADA as we implement the measures agreed with the IOC and other partners that prove our continued commitment to the clean athletes of our sport.”

IWF was also represented at the WADA Symposium by Attila Adamfi, Director General, dr. Patrick Schamasch, Anti-Doping Commission Chairman, Lilla Rozgonyi, Communications and Marketing Director, Dr. Lilla Sagi, Junior Legal Counsel and Melody Exhenry, Anti-Doping Coordinator.