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IWF Intercontinental Commission meets in Astana

Hosted by IWF Vice President Zhanat Tussupbekov, the IWF Intercontinental Commission’s meeting took place in the country’s capital, Astana. The IC is composed of the Presidents and General Secretaries of the Continental Federations and, last but not least, the President and General Secretary of the IWF. The Astana gathering was also attended by the IWF’s 1st Vice President and the Director General. All 5 continents were represented – by President , General Secretary or both – in the 2-day IC meeting, the first one held separately, away from the combustion and tension of World Championships.
As participants pointed out, the meeting chaired by IWF President Dr. Tamás Aján provided a unique opportunity and was fruitfully used to discuss issues of common interest, get updates from the IWF on items of particular concern to the Continental Federations. Unity, as key to progress and reinforcing the status of weightlifting on a global scale, was emphasized and, in general opinion, clearly manifest at the meeting.
Inserted in the schedule, the IC members were honour guests at the Electoral Congress of the Weightlifting Federation of Kazakhstan, at which President Tussupbekov’s mandate was reconfirmed for another 4-year term.
Participants also paid a visit to the new, elegant and perfectly outfitted office of the IWF General Secretary, Mohammed Jalood and that was where they concluded their working session.