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OWF Elite Training Camp

With the financial assistance of the IWF Development Program, an Elite Training Camp was held at the Oceania Weightlifting Institute in Mont Dore, New Caledonia from the 24th January to the 4th February 2018.

The purpose of this training camp which was organised by the Oceania Weightlifting Federation, was to bring together the best regional lifters who have not only qualified for the Commonwealth Games but are also – most of them – medal prospects for the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games coming up April 4-15.

A similar training camp funded by the IWF Development Program was held prior to the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games where Oceania regional lifters were very successful by winning four gold, five silver and five bronze medals.

The camp produced some outstanding and inspirational performances.  These are some of the performances:

  • Lui (Samoa) 21 years old snatch 180Kg, clean & jerk 220kg Total 400Kg in the +105Kg Category.
  • Steven Kari (PNG) 150kg snatch, 207kg clean & jerk in the 94kg category
  • A superb performance was put up by Morea Baru (PNG) in the 62kg category with 133kg snatch, 167kg clean & jerk 300kg total – which equals the winning performance at the recent world championships in the USA
  • Sanele Mao (Samoa) in the 105kg snatch 160kg clean & Jerk 200kg – just missing 205kg
  • 17-year-old junior female lifter from Samoa – Feagaiga Stowers clean & jerk 140kg in the +90kg category
  • Another excellent performance from 18 years’ old Nauruan sensation, Charisma Amoe-Tarrant, also clean & jerk 140kg in the +90kg category
  • Manueli Tulo (Fiji) snatch 110Kg, clean & jerk 140 for a 250Kg total in the 56Kg category.

Leading coaches from the region also attending the camp were: Jerry Wallwork (Samoa), Joe Vueti (Fiji) and Tina Ball (New Zealand) The OWF is very confident, of surpassing the successful medal results from Glasgow.

We wish to thank also the Australian Weightlifting Federation for sending Bowen Stuart their Information Technology & Communication Manager to webcast the final training sessions.

The two training sessions can be seen on this link:

Source: Paul Coffa, OWF General Secretary