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EWF Seminar and opening of the European Coaching Academy

The European Weightlifting Federation has organized a coaching seminar in Rome between 2nd and 4th February 2018 with the title “Coaching Next Generation”, which has been supported by the IWF CF Contribution. . During the same Event, the European Weightlifting Academy has been also opened in the Olympic Centre of Italian Army.

27 Member Federations have been present at the seminar and among the presenters, they had Dr. Antonio Urso, EWF President, Mr. Colin Buckley, EWF CRSC Chairman and Dr. Patrick Schamasch, IWF Anti-Doping Commission Chairman, Mr. Mahmoud Mahgoub, IWF CRC Chairman and Ms. Karoliina Lundhal, IWF CRC Deputy Chair. Ms. Eva Moska, IWF Development and Education Director was also attending the seminar.