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Training Course in Barbados

Barbados Amateur Weightlifting Association hosted its first ever training course for technical officials with the funds of IWF. Instructed by Ms. Gabriella Mathe, 17 participants were formally introduced to the technical rules and regulations governing Olympic weightlifting as long with the roles and responsibilities of the officials. In addition, due to the support of Olympic Solidarity BAWA has organized an introductory coaching course, instructed by Mr. Andras Szabo with 25 participants. After the educational courses BAWA hosted the second edition of the Phillips & Springer Classic, in conjunction with the Barbados Olympic Association. All three events were enthusiastically received by participants and spectators. Participants, under the continued guidance of Ms. Mathe and Mr. Szabo, used the knowledge gained at the courses on the day of the competition. This contributed greatly to the improved execution of the event. Indeed, Mr. David Colon-Arroyo, who served as announcer at the competition also made this observation when he compared this year’s event to last year’s which was the first competition held in Barbados in 44 years. Mr. Andrew Callender, President of BAWA said that they hope some of the participants will want to be certified technical officials and seek to staking the qualifying steps towards more advanced certification.