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Rio 2016 Olympic Champion TALAKHADZE is the superheavyweight World Champion

Impressive lifts from the Rio 2016 Olympic Champion in the Snatch. TALAKHADZE Lasha (GEO) added 3kg to his previous World Record setting the new one to 220kg.

TALAKHADZE is now only two world titles shy of the record for a lifter representing Georgia, as ASANIDZE Georgi (GEO) won five world titles in the 77kg and 85kg from 1998 to 2002. No other athlete representing Georgia has won five world titles in any other Olympic sport.

The 2015 World Champion and 2016, 2017 European Champion TALAKHADZE became the second man to win the +105kg world title in the Total one year after winning Olympic gold, after REZA ZADEH Hossein in 2005.

Lasha was unstoppable in the Clean and Jerk and with his third good attempt (6 good lifts), he also broke his own World Record in the Total setting it to 477kg.

SALIMIKORDASIABI Behdad (IRI) started at 205kg and went to 211kg in the Snatch. The London 2012 Olympic Champion missed his last attempt and started the Clean and Jerk at 241kg. He missed his first lift but had a perfectly controlled second one at 242kg. His third lift at 252kg – first good – was reversed by the jury.

SALIMIKORDASIABI Behdad (IRI) has won nine medals in the +105kg at the World Championships (G4-S4-B1) and needed three more to equal SALEM Saeed (12) in second place behind only REZA ZADEH (14) in this category. He did two here in Anaheim – a Silver in the Snatch and a Bronze in the Total.

Bronze Medal in the Snatch and in the Clean and Jerk went to ALIHOSSEINI Saeid (IRI). Lifting 454kg he also took the Silver medal in the Total.

SEIM Mart (EST) Silver Medallist at the 2015 World Championships behind TALAKHADZE and 7th at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games won a Silver in the Clean and Jerk lifting 253kg.