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VALENTIN PEREZ Lydia (ESP) crowned World Champion

VALENTIN PEREZ Lydia (ESP) came out last to take her three consecutive attempts in the Snatch – all of them being good lifts.

The three times Olympic Medallist (Silver in 2008, Gold in 2012 and Bronze in 2016) and reigning European Champion easily lifted 110kg followed by 115kg and finally 118kg.

She secured her Total with a first Clean and Jerk at 130kg and went for 135kg and 140kg. With 6 good lifts, she finally became World Champion for the first time!

Coming back from a 6th place in the Snatch, NAYO KETCHANKE Gaelle Verlaine (FRA) had a chance to take the silver medal in the Total from DAJOMES BARRERA Neisi Patricia (ECU), however she missed her last lift at 138kg. NAYO KETCHANKE won a Silver in the Clean and Jerk and a Bronze in the Total with 237kg. She became the first athlete from France to reach the podium in a women’s event since 1996, when ISKIN Sylvie (FRA) took Snatch bronze in the +83kg and COMBLEZ Benedicte (FRA) finished in third place in the Snatch in the 64kg.

With a Silver in the Snatch and a Bronze in the Clean and Jerk, DAJOMES BARRERA Neisi Patricia (ECU), Youth World Champion, twice Junior World Champion and reigning Pan-American Champion ended with the Silver Medal for her Total of 240kg.

Bronze medallist in the Snatch MUNKHJANTSAN Ankhtsetseg (MGL) couldn’t secure a Total due to an injury.