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Three gold to three athlete

For the first time since 2007, multiple women claimed a gold medal in this weight category in a single edition of the world championships. Never before, three different women claimed a gold medal in this weight category.

BEGAJ Romela (ALB) won the Gold in the Snatch with 107kg, AHMED Sara Samir Elsayed Mohamed (EGY) won the Gold in the Clean and Jerk with 136kg while SOLIS ARBOLEDA Leidy Yessenia (COL) won the Gold in the Total with 239kg.

SOLIS ARBOLEDA became the first athlete from South America to reach the world championships podium in this weight category.

Snatch world champion Romela Begaj (ALB) became Albania’s first ever world champion in women’s weightlifting and Albania’s second athlete to claim a world championships gold medal, after PAMPURI Ymez (ALB) who took the Press world title in the men’s 60kg in 1972.

ROGERS ended a 12-year Team USA women’s world championship medal drought Sunday as she took all three bronze medals in the women’s 69kg weight category. She became the first woman from USA to claim a medal since Cheryl Haworth (USA) claimed bronze in 2005 in the +75kg in 2005.

Mattie made her first and second snatch attempts of 101kg and 104kg. “That one felt really good,” Mattie said of her second attempt. “I felt like I could do a lot more, but couldn’t.”

On her third attempt, Mattie tried to beat her own American Record Snatch of 106kg with 107kg but missed. Her second attempt of 104kg held up for a bronze medal.