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Rio Olympic Bronze Medallist defeated the reigning Olympic Champion

Bronze Medallist at the Rio 2016, KUO Hsing-Chun (TPE) lifted every weight with ease.

Her three good lifts in the Snatch brought her a Silver Medal while her three good ones in the Clean and Jerk brought her victory and the World Champion title for her Total of 240kg.

After a strong start with three good lifts in the Snatch (and lifting the same weight of 115kg as KUO), the Olympic Champion SRISURAT Sukanya (THA) got only a 6th place in the Clean and Jerk. Her Total still enabled her to end up second in the Total with 225kg – very far from KUO.

Ranking 7th in the Snatch with only one successful attempt at 93kg ANDOH Mikiko (JPN) missed her Clean and Jerk attempt at 130kg giving the Bronze medal in the Total to KOHA Rebeka (LAT). Ranking 4th in Rio, the 2017 Junior World and European champion also had 6 good attempts and a Total of 222kg.

ANDOH was awarded a Silver in the Clean and Jerk with 126kg while ESCOBAR GUERRERO Maria Alexandra (ECU) also won a medal – a Bronze one.