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Olympic Champion TANASAN won in the 53kg

We were expecting to see an amazing battle between the Olympic Champion in the Women’s 48kg bodyweight category TANASAN Sopita (THA) and 53kg champion HSU Shu-Ching (TPE). After a strong start in the Snatch reaching 93kg, the Chinese Taipei lifter couldn’t secure a Total as she didn’t come out in the Clean and Jerk.

TANASAN Sopita (THA) was the only athlete with three good lifts in the Snatch missing only her last attempt in the Clean and Jerk at 117kg. She lifted 10kg more than in Rio and got three Gold Medals (96kg-114kg-210kg).

Silver Medallist at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games with a Total of 200kg, DIAZ Hidilyn (PHI) took over the Silver in the Clean and Jerk with 113kg and Bronze in the Total with 199kg.

Following her Bronze in the Snatch, SHERMETOVA Kristina (TKM) had three good lifts in the Clean and Jerk and managed to grab the second place in the Total with 204kg.