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IWF Development Program, Coach Seminar

An international seminar for trainers was held in Košice under the framework of the IWF development program called “Myths and facts about doping”. The seminar was held in the premises of the Gloria Palace Hotel on 18 November, 2017.

Seminar topics were lectured by representatives from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport in Bratislava, Dr.Sedliak Milan, Dr. Buzgó Gabriel, Mgr. Matej Vajda, Mgr. Michal Králik, Mgr. Michal Pokusa from the Czech Republic lecturers Mgr. Tereza Králová and Mgr. Petr Krol and the Slovak anti-doping committee lecturer MU Dr. Ľubomír.

The seminar was attended by IWF Vice-President Mr. Krol and more than 30 participants.

Source: Korpa Stefan