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Nicu Vlad celebrates his 54th birthday

Nicu Vlad has celebrated his 54th birthday yesterday on November 1st, 2017.
He is IWF Vice-President and Chairman of the Technical Committee. Before his career in sport diplomacy, he was one of the biggest weightlifters in history. He won each medal in all the three medal categories, just like standing on the highest place of the podium every time. The only medal missing from his collection is a Bronze medal from the European Championships. He was at his best in 1984 when he became the Olympic Champion in the 90 kg bodyweight category in Los Angeles, then in 1988 in Seoul he finished second in the 100 kg bodyweight category and in 1996 Atlanta he finished third in the 108kg bodyweight category.

He earned his World Champion titles in 1986, 1990 then in 1996. He became the best in Europe in 1985 and 1986.

He also competed under the Australian flag at the British Commonwealth Games in Victoria in 1994 – winning a Gold medal.  He set more world records and after retiring from sports as an athlete he continued as a coach in his home country.

Nicu Vlad was inaugurated in the IWF Hall of Fame in 2006 as well as the Vice-President of the Romanian Olympic Committee. He held several positions in the IWF such as 1st Vice-President and Vice-President. Since 2000, he is a member of the Technical Committee and was elected Chairman of the Technical Committee this year.

Happy Birthday to Nicu Vlad!!