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Social Responsibility project by the Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Weightlifting Federation

Earlier this year the Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Weightlifting Federation (TTOWF) put forward a proposal to the Youth Corrections Service. The idea was to provide a rigorous program of weightlifting to those who were among the most underprivileged in society. The aim is to create a regime of training and study that will lead to vocational qualifications for anyone who partakes and completes the course.

The Federation believes that these partnerships can make a significant contribution to society. The young male participants will have, in a relatively short space of time, acquired skills and experience making them more suitable as potential employees in the sport of weightlifting and fitness industry.

TTOWF had set up a training program with one of the instructors to oversee the curriculum that they had implement at the Youth Training Centre.

TTOWF President, Laura Denise Ramsay-Overall and TTOWF General Secretary, Laurence C. Carbon were the coaches during this training day at the Youth Training Centre. They introduced weightlifting for the participants through different specific tasks, for example loading the barbell according to the given totals, who can hold an overhead squat for the longest.

At the end of the day all men taking part in this program were satisfied and valued this project. The next part will be early next year to follow up on their progress.

TTOWF wants to thank the contribution of funding, equipment to the International Weightlifting Federation.