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Educational Seminar combined with competitions in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Between 15 and 17 September 2017 an Educational Seminar was organized by the Weightlifting Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina within the framework of IWF Development Program.

Mr. Nedim Masic, General Secretary opened the 3-days course and after the opening several lectures took place. Experts from the neighboring countries such as Mr. Maged Salama and Mr. Milan Mihajlovic were invited.

The afternoon lessons were followed by round table discussions, whereon the leaders of the countries – River Sava flows through – have founded the Weightlifting Confederation of River Sava. In the future they will hold regularly the Sava Junior and Master Cup in order to develop weightlifting in the region.

In connection with the seminar the Open Bosnia and 1st River Sava Cup International Tournaments were held. Athletes from 5 countries (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Serbia, Slovenia and Turkey) competed and the final results were calculated according to the Sinclair points. The national team of Serbia won the first place at the Open Bosnia Tournament while the national team of Bosnia and Herzegovina won the first place at the River Sava Cup.

Totally 84 participants from 6 countries attended at the whole event. The atmosphere was excellent and the lectures were very interesting and useful. IWF is looking forward for the next edition of this event, hopefully with more countries to join in the future.