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Happy Birthday to Manfred Nerlinger

Manfred Nerlinger was born 57 years ago on September 27, 1960 in Münich. This outstanding German weightlifter weight almost 150kg at the peak of his career and stood on the podium three times on the occasion of four Olympic Games.

Between 1982 – 1996, he won 30 medals at World Championships.

He started his sports career in 1973 and his biggest achievement was at the Soul 1988 Olympic Games where he won a Silver Medal. At the 1984 Los Angeles Games he won Bronze medal just like in Barcelona in 1992. At his final Olympic Competition in 1996 Atlanta he finished sixth.

He competed at World Championships eleven times and European Championships ten times. Out of his 15 and 12 medals from World and European Championships four (2-2) were Gold.

In 1993 he set a new World Record with a Total of 247,5 kg and set National records 37 times.

After 2000, he continued as a coach and trained the youth generation in Germany.

He is married and has two children. We wish a very happy birthday to Manfred Nerlinger!