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IWF Vice President paid a visit to Budapest

Mr. Jose Quinones, Vice President of the IWF, President of the South American Weightlifting Confederation paid a visit to the IWF Headquarters in Budapest. He discussed with IWF President, Dr. Tamas Ajan some details on the South American Junior and Youth Championships to be held in Lima, Peru. It will be a special event as the Under 15, Under 17 and Under 20 South American Championships will be organized at the same time and same place. Furthermore, it is a great opportunity to organize educational seminars during this Event.
The Peruvian Weightlifting Federation together with the South American Weightlifting Confederation is working very hard on the preparations of the different seminars (Anti-Doping, Technical Officials’, Coaching and Administrative).

The main reason to organize the three Championships together is to help the National Federations to reduce the costs both of the delegates and of the organizers. Besides the financial benefits, the Event will be even more attractive for the participants and for the spectators because of the various seminars. Every Member Federation welcomed the idea that to have a combined event in December, so they can save a significant amount on the travel expenses.

To increase the level of the event even more, the organizers would like to celebrate simultaneously an International Cup, with the presence of the countries out of South America. According to the previous discussions, some countries have already indicated their interest. The details of this Cup will be published on the IWF website in October. With the realization of this Cup, four different competitions would be held during the same Event, which is unique.

Mr. Quinones said that many  South American countries have made a huge progress, especially in the past years and at the last continental events. It is a great news that two big events, the 2nd South American Youth Games and the Bolivarian Games will also include weightlifting in the program so more success to come.

The IWF is pleased to have more competitions at the same place and the same time, and will encourage other Regional Federations also to follow the example of the South American Weightlifting Confederation.