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WFA Coaching Training Education Course in Cairo, EGYPT

In the framework of the IWF Continental Contribution the WFA held a Coaching Training Education course in Cairo, Egypt on 21-27 August with 25 participants.

The well known lecturers gave presentations in their field of expertise. Dr. Ali Ramadan on Anti-Doping (“The supplements and its impact on the athletes”),  Dr. Wail El Aasar on Nutrition (“How to maintain the useful nutrition materials for the athletes before, during and after the training or competition”),  Dr. Mohamed El Iraky on Injuries (“How to avoid injury?”). Most of the lectures were given by Mr.  Maged Salama on Coaching, both with theoretical and practical sessions (for instance:  “How muscles work and how to develop them”;  “Yearly training program”; “Right time for warming up in-competition”). Finally Mr. Mahmoud Mahgoub, IWF Executive Board member, President of the Egyptian Weightlifting Federation talked about the IWF Technical and Competition Rules and Regulations and the common mistakes part from the athlete and from the coach.

After the very informative and educational course the participants received certificates at the Closing Ceremony.