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Olympic Solidarity course in Argentina

In August 2017 an Olympic Solidarity course took place in Corrientes, Argentina. The six days long course was destined to experienced coaches who are involved in the development of the country, especially to redesign the development of sport at the Under 15 and Under 17 age group.

The course was organized by the Argentinean Weightlifting Federation with the support of IWF and Olympic Solidarity. During the lessons the coaches listened the expert with great enthusiasm, Mr. Jaiber Manjarres Cortes who has an extensive curriculum in weightlifting with international results. Both the theoretical and the practical part took place in Sedronar Corrientes Capital which has facilities of first level.

The agenda was wide and diverse, providing up-to-date information presented by someone who has currently one of the most competitive teams in America. Mr. Manjarres answered all the questions of the listeners with great professionalism and experience.

As a result, the material shared by the expert made a national sport development program for athletes of Under 15 and Under 17. This program contains macro-cycle planning with the analysis of each training unit. At the same time, the dynamics of the regional and national training camps for the competitors of this age group were considered within the program.