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Weightlifter Matthias Steiner became a singer

Matthias Steiner can add “pop singer” to his long list of accomplishments as the Gold medal winning Olympic weightlifter dropped his first song in March from the Album “Zurückgeliebt” and now his latest pop song in August, 2017.

The title translates to “loved back,” but given the lyrical content, “loved back to life” could be a more accurate description.

It is surprising when one of Olympic weightlifting’s most memorable athletes singing a pop ballad, but Steiner has a serious set of pipes on him. Take a look at the official video of “Zurückgeliebt”. Fans of Matthias Steiner may have noticed that the lyrics could be reflecting some of his own history. Two years after he married Susann Steiner in 2005, she died in a tragic car accident. In a 2008 interview, he described his emotional state at the time.

Though he considered quitting the sport, he found the courage to persevere with his training and ultimately won Gold in the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing with a 258kg Clean & Jerk in the +105kg bodyweight category.

The win was one of the most emotionally charged and Steiner dedicated his victory to his late wife, holding up a picture of her on the podium after accepting his Gold medal.

In 2010, he remarried to German television journalist Inge Posmyk, and in a Google Plus post,  Steiner confirmed that “Zurückgeliebt” is about Posmyk “loving him back to life” after his tragic loss.

Today, Steiner lives with his wife and child and is an accomplished motivational speaker, TV host, author, and now singer. In 2016, he wrote Das Steiner Prinzip (The Steiner Principles) about how he lost one hundred pounds in one year.

You can read more of his inspiring story under the following link.

Source: Barbend